The recent earthquakes in Southern Turkey have devastated the population. Another earthquake hit the region just hours ago. The death toll since the first quakes is already over 40,000 and continues to grow. For the survivors, the situation is grim. Not only are they dealing with the loss of loved ones, but in the middle of winter, they have been left without shelter and virtually any basic necessities.


Rotary International has established The Turkey/Syria Disaster Response Fund to provide much needed aid and assistance.  Much like we did at this time last year for Ukraine, The Rotary Club of Pleasantville is raising funds to help with the crisis, this time for the people of Turkey and Syria affected by this terrible disaster.  Your tax deductible donation will go directly to the Response Fund. Details of how funds are being used by the fund are below.

Our goal is to quickly raise $10,000 in 10 days!

Won't you please give today?


For more details about the Rotary effort, Please see the email with more details from the Rotary Club in Turkey.