Initiated by incredibly generous donations of $500 each by three Pleasantville Rotarians, the club has launched a fundraising effort for Ukrainian Relief. Our club will partner with the Rotary Club of Gizycko in Poland to provide much needed assistance to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the horrible situation in their homeland.
The Rotary Club of Gizycko is working with Rotary Clubs in Ukraine and 6 other Rotary Clubs in Poland. They purchase and transport supplies that the Rotary Clubs in Ukraine identify as needed. Then they bring the supplies to the Polish/Ukraine border where members of the Rotary Clubs in Ukraine meet them to take the supplies to those in need in Ukraine.
Currently the Clubs in Poland are arranging for the purchase and transport of food for young children, hygiene products and disposable diapers, power generators, solar powered power banks and walkie-talkie radios.